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Used Equipment For Sale

MTV2-Used-adjMDS has two used MTC2-6KV for sale. $9850 each

The MTC2 is a high-end surge voltage tester – no other tester offers such a variety of applications. With the MTC2 precisely analyze coils, stators, armatures, and all other kinds of windings according to the latest technology, without any compromises. Innovations, technical leadership and a patented surge voltage evaluation method characterize the 6th generation of the MTC-2 surge testers. These are 6KV models.  VIEW MORE

IMG_0446_White-smMDS has GLP1-6KV-100MA for sale. $3900

The GLP1-e checks automatically, whether there is a short circuit between L and N. If everything is OK, the functional test follows. Therefore, the mains voltage is connected to the test object. The test can be performed with or without evaluation of the current. VIEW MORE


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