Schleich MTC2 Customize 6 KV-50KV

Key Facts
  • Digital surge voltage test with patented evaluation method
  • Surge voltage with 100nF/200nF (device-dependent) and up to 2000A surge current
  • Partial discharge analysis to detect certain insulation faults according to standards
  • Resistance measurement in 4-wire technology with temperature compensation
  • Insulation resistance test with automatic PI measurement
  • Inductance test | LCR inductance measuring bridge
  • Fully automatic lead switchover between different test methods
  • IEEE compliant
Surge Voltage Test
  • Test voltage: 6 – 50 kV
  • Surge capacity: 100nF / Optional 200nF
  • Pulse rise time: 60 – 200ns
  • Evaluations: Correlation method, EAR, diff EAR, peak-to-peak EAR
  • Joules: 0.8J – 125J
  • Current: 400A – 2000A
  • Automatic Lead Switchover: Yes
Resistance Test
  • Method: 4-wire technology
  • Measuring Range: 1 µΩ – 100 KΩ
  • Temp Compensation: yes (optional)
  • Resolution: 1 µΩ
  • Automatic Lead Switchover: Yes
AC HiPot (optional)
  • Test Voltage AC: max. 6kV
  • Current: max. 100mA
  • Automatic Lead Switchover: Yes
DC HiPot
  • Test Voltage: max. 50kV
  • Current: 3mA
  • Automatic Lead Switchover: Yes
Polarization Index (PI)
  • Test Voltage: max. 15kV
  • Current: max. 3mA
Insulation Resistance
  • Test Voltage DC: max. 50kV
  • Current: max. 3mA
  • Measuring Range: 1mΩ – 100kΩ
  • Safety Current Limiting: 3mA
  • Resolution: 0.001µA
  • Automatic Lead Switchover: Yes
Partial Discharge/Surge Voltage (optional)
  • Test Voltage: max. 25kV
  • PD-Detector: HF antenna or coupler
  • Inception/Extinction Voltage: automatic
  • Pulse rise time: 60-200ns
  • Automatic Lead Switchover: Yes
Partial Discharge/ HVAC test (optional)
  • Test Voltage: max. 6kV
  • PD-Detector: HF antenna or coupler
  • Inception/Extinction Voltage: automatic


The MTC2 is a high-end surge voltage tester – no other tester offers such a variety of applications. With the MTC2 precisely analyze coils, stators, armatures, and all other kinds of windings according to the latest technology, without any compromises. Innovations, technical leadership and a patented surge voltage evaluation method characterize the 6th generation of the MTC-2 surge voltage testers. Choose from a finely graded tester variety from 6KV to 50KV. Based on 25 years of experience, extensive know-how and a consistent optimization obtain a state-of-the-art surge voltage tester.


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