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Schleich GLP2-Basic

Key Facts
  • PE/ Ground testers up to 30 A
  • Insulation resistance testers up to 6 kV
  • High-voltage testers AC up to 6 kV
  • High-voltage testers DC up to 6 kV
  • Functional test up to 16 A
  • Single- and multitesters
  • 38 standard tester to solve numerous test tasks
  • Traceable calibration certificate included
  • Short lead time or available on stock
  • Ergonomic housing, awarded with the „reddot design award 2014“
  • 19″–housing alternatively available
  • All test methods fully-electronic controlled
  • Fully- and semi automatic controlled tests
  • Manual tests
  • Integrated „SPS-functionality” with freely programmable script language
  • Intuitive operation concept with 7″ touch display plus HDMI-interface
  • Additional input with keyboard and mouse possible
  • Reading of various 1D- and 2D barcodes
  • Ethernet, WLAN, USB and serial interface
  • Communication via RS232 and/or SCPI-standard-commands
  • Database for test sequences and test results
  • User administration
  • Protocon print-out
  • Freely configurable label print for thermal transfer printers
  • Several label printers controllable
  • Full network connectivity
  • Possibility for remote maintenance or remote calibration
  • Remote control option for automation
  • Perfect for OEMs

Measuring Technology

  • Precise and fast measurements
  • TRMS » true R.M.S. measurement
  • R.M.S.- and peak value measurement
  • Effective-and apparent current measurement, cosφ
  • Effective-and apparent power measurement

PE/ Ground AC

  • PE/ Ground resistance, voltage drop
  • 10-30 A AC, adjustable, electronically controlled
  • 6-12 V AC
  • 0-1200 mΩ

Insulation DC

  • Insulation resistance
  • 30-1000 V DC, adjustable, electronically controlled
  • max. 3 mA
  • 100 KΩ-10MΩ

High-voltage AC

  • 50-6000 V AC, adjustable, electronically controlled
  • with safety current limiting max. 3 mA
  • without safety current limiting max. 100 mA
  • incl. ARC-detection

High-voltage DC

  • 50-6000 V DC, adjustable, electronically controlled
  • with safety current limiting max. 4 mA
  • without safety current limiting max. 100 mA

Function 5 A

  • 12-260 V AC,adjustable, electronically controlled
  • max. 5 A
  • max. 1300 W, 1300 VA, 1300 VAR
  • incl. short-circuit test

Leakage current 5 A

  • according to standard EN60990 & EN60601 & UL-measruing circuits
  • R.M.S., peak value, DC-/AC-share
  • 1 μA-30 mA

Function 16 A

  • 12-260 V AC, external supply
  • max. 16 A
  • max. 4200 W, 4200 VA, 4200 VAR
  • incl. short-circuit test

Equivalent leakage current 16 A

  • 10 μA-30 mA
  • test voltage 40 V AC
  • conversion to 230 V AC


  • 1 Ω-100 kΩ


All kinds of electronic products may be inspected according to the latest state-of-the-art single- and multitester GLP2-Basic. To solve a variety of different test taks and to meet your individual requirements, you can choose from over 45 different GLP2-BASIC models.

Thanks to the intelligent features, the tester covers all application fields in today´s safety- and functional test technology. It is ideally suited for production, laboratory, test field, quality management, automation and more.

The variety of features, e.g. to create your own test sequences, to enter your own data as serial number, result storage, freely configurable label print out, barcode function and many more leave nothing to be desired.

With regard to cost savings and environmental awareness, for many companies the increase of energy efficiency is an essential goal to be pursued.  In energy-intensive sectors like the production, SCHLEICH supports you with sustainable and eco-friendly technology. For “clean” results”!

To offer perfect experience our engineers integrate only the latest technology in our testers. That is why SCHLEICH, as leading innovator, was the first manufacturer in the market who installed user-friendly touch screens in the testers.

Ergonomically-optimized workplaces may increase performance to a large extent.  To optimize the individual workplace, SCHLEICH entirely revolutionized the housing concept.

Whether sitting or standing, small or tall person- the ergonomic housing design sets new standards for fatigue-free work. Thus, looking at the display, entering data as well as connecting the test object at the test socket is always perfectly-suitable for the operator.

Enormous flexibility and fast technology, combined in ergonomic design – SCHLEICH offers safety- and functional test technology which inspires!


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