Schleich Bonding Machines

Key Facts
  • Small Desktop Systems to Large Industrial Cabinet Systems
  • DC or AC Bonding Systems
  • Up to 600A (higher on request)
  • Up to 1000VDC (higher on request)
  • High Speed Monitoring of the Temperature during the Bonding Process
  • Multiple Bonding Strategies: Constant Voltage, Constant Current, Constant Temperature
  • Bond Multiple Coils in Series or Parallel
  • Speed Bonding with Current Densities up to 170A/mm2
  • Bonders Can Be Integrated into Test Systems
  • Custom Fixtures & Forming Tools


With our bonding machines it is possible to bond coils that were produced with self-bonding wire directly after the winding and check it for faults. They allow the gluing and bonding of windings of one-phase and three-phase stators as well as armatures and coils of all kinds.

The bonding process is performed via a controlled electric bonding of the coils that is monitored by a computer. Depending on the current density there are different bonding times. The variation of the current density allows bonding processes that last from only a few seconds to some minutes. After the bonding phase there is the additional option to keep the reached temperature for a certain time constant. The result is a very uniform temperature distribution within the winding and thus a very good, uniform gluing of all winding parts.

Besides the use of our bonding machines at single working stations they can also be integrated in fully-automatic production lines, of course. A pallet control in a line or the data exchange via PLC is possible without any problem. The machines are designed to be able to ideally control up to eight bonding processes that operate independently from each other.

As system supplier we are able to also supply the complete mechanics, that could consist of individual bonding cells, a rotary indexing table or a complete production line besides the electric bonding machine. Only the combination of the ideally coordinated components guarantees you a best possible production result.

Also the coil end formation tools and expanding mandrels belong to our product range, of course.

Our bonding machines can of course also be extended with the stator test technology of our MTC3-testers. This solution would inform you on the quality of your product before and after the bonding.


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