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Rental equipment may be needed for any number of reasons. One – existing equipment is in for repair or calibration, two – it is more cost effective to rent equipment instead of purchase, and sometimes additional equipment is needed to get the job done. At MDS, Inc., we have instruments for rent that will get your job done quickly and accurately. Contact us when you have a need and we can get it to you quickly. Other equipment is available for rental. Contact us to see what is available that will fit your needs. CALL FOR OPTIONS: 970-461-1348

MotorAnalyzer2MotorAnalyzer 2 is used for checking electric motors and windings. It combines 13 different test methods within a user-friendly and mobile tester. The combination of test methods,its compact design, as well as the battery operation, turn the MotorAnalyzer 2 into an ideal tool for on-site operation, especially in difficult applications. VIEW MORE

glp1-e-HVGLP1-e HV high-voltage testing devices can test the insulation capability and the electric strength (clearance and leakage paths) at electric modules and components. They are ideal for fast and uncomplicated manual testing within the production process.  VIEW MORE

DynamicMotorAnalyzerThe dynamic motor analyzer allows the testing of a running motor in its operational environment. Electric parameters are measured and other mechanical parameters are calculated. The aim is to receive an analysis of the electric motor, its mains supply, and its load conditions based on six electric measuring values. VIEW MORE

glp2GLP2-ce testers support the integrated automatic switch-over between all low-voltage and high-voltage tests. Therefore, the test object can be tested automatically in one test process without reconnecting the test connections.  VIEW MORE

mtc1The MTC2 15kv and 24kv is a high-end surge voltage tester – no other tester offers such a variety of applications. With the MTC2 precisely analyze coils, stators, armatures, and all other kinds of windings according to the latest technology, without any compromises. Innovations, technical leadership and a patented surge voltage evaluation method characterize the 6th generation of the MTC-2 surge testers. Choose from a finely graded tester variety from 6KV to 50KV.  VIEW MORE

Cal5000This self contained device carries an array of traceable and certified calibrated resistance values. The values contained in the device enclosure are selected based upon those generally required for verification of several leading manufacturer’s electric motor test equipment. The CAL5000 device carries an NIST traceable calibration certificate. A multi-vendor adapter test lead kit is furnished with the unit. VIEW MORE

fluke-830Unlike using the straightedge method or dial indicators the Fluke 830 performs the complicated alignment calculations for you, meaning you’ll have the answers you need to quickly align your machine and get your plant up and running fast. An enhanced user interface provides easy to understand results that don’t require extensive alignment knowledge and the unique “All-in-One” result screen that shows you both coupling results and feet corrections (vertical and horizontal) in real terms making it easy to take corrective action. VIEW MORE

fluke-ti400With the Fluke Ti400 you can test and measure with wireless speed and ease and connect with other wireless devices. See the crucial details needed to help clearly identify potential problems with precisely blended visual and infrared image. VIEW MORE

fluke-810The Fluke 810 Vibration Tester puts you one step ahead by coupling a powerful diagnostic engine with a simple step-by-step process to report on specific machine faults and their severity the first time measurements are taken, without prior measurement history. Overall vibration measurements and spectral diagrams give technicians the ability to quickly asses overall machine health, while enhanced reporting and actionable recommendations give you the confidence you need to address critical problems first. VIEW MORE


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