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Have a short-term need for performance test data on a new or suspect motor, or to validate a potential new supplier? Don’t want to buy a test system without the insurance of seeing it work on your motors?

Our quick-turnaround performance testing services – performed in our lab or at your site – deliver the performance data you need:

  • Torque vs speed
  • Power output vs speed
  • Efficiency and power factor vs speed
  • Voltage & current vs speed
  • Friction vs speed
  • Measured rotor inertia
  • Startup & coastdown speed profiles
  • Vibration
  • Temperature and thermal time constant
  • Custom results available – just ask!

What We Can Test:

We can even deliver a validated performance model based on your motor’s measured parameters, a requirement for control and system simulations that ensure the success of your application. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

· PM DC · BLDC · 1PAC · 3PAC · Universal motors of any size (large industrial motors may require testing at your site).

Why Should You Be Testing Your Motors?

Electrical motor testing is designed to test your equipment and ensure that your motors are functioning optimally or identify issues with your motor function that could be resolved. In doing so, you can increase your equipment uptime while decreasing your operating costs. Electric motor testing is often put on the backburner when companies choose to cut back on operational costs. That said, with proper motor diagnostics and maintenance, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your equipment — saving you money on operational costs in the long run.

Why Is Electric Motor Testing Important?

Aside from bearing failures, the most common issue identified with commercial motors is motor failure caused by electrical faults. By testing your motors and identifying any issues that they might be experiencing, you will be able to optimize your operation’s uptime by ensuring your operation’s reliability and production output. There are many motor diagnostic tools and tests that can be used to identify faults in motor function. By using these diagnostic tools, you can bring to light any issues that might be plaguing your operation — while costing you money in the meantime.

While it might seem like a tedious process to have your motors tested from time to time, doing so will save you time and money in the long run as you can identify issues faster and save your facility from countless hours of shutdown or suboptimal performance.

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If you run a commercial operation that relies on electric motors, it is incredibly important that you test them to identify whether or not they are operating efficiently so that you can identify damages and create a maintenance plan. At Motor Diagnostic Systems, we are here to offer you on-site or in-lab motor testing services that help you maintain the operational health of your organization. Contact us today to discuss your motor issues and testing needs.


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