Motor Testing Services


Have a short-term need for performance test data on a new or suspect motor, or to validate a potential new supplier? Don’t want to buy a test system without the insurance of seeing it work on your motors? Our quick-turnaround performance testing services – performed in our lab or at your site – deliver the performance data you need:

  • Torque vs speed
  • Power output vs speed
  • Efficiency and power factor vs speed
  • Voltage & current vs speed
  • Friction vs speed
  • Measured rotor inertia
  • Startup & coastdown speed profiles
  • Vibration
  • Temperature and thermal time constant
  • Custom results available – just ask!

What We Can Test:

We can even deliver a validated performance model based on your motor’s measured parameters, a requirement for control and system simulations that ensure the success of your application. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

· PM DC · BLDC · 1PAC · 3PAC · Universal motors of any size (large industrial motors may require testing at your site).


Please contact us for volume discounts.
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