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GTI VibePro 7 – Single Channel Vibration System

Key Facts
  • Single Measurement Mode for Monitoring and Capturing Data on a Single Machine
  • Route and Trending Mode Utilizes all he Modern Features in Vibration Monitoring Equipment
  • Simple Pinch to Zoom Frequency Range
  • Full FFT Signature Graph From 0-20khz Or 0-1.2 Million CPM
  • Measuring Acceleration (Gs) Or Velocity (In/Sec)
  • Metric and Imperial Settings Available
  • Full Listings of the Top Six Frequencies in Order of Highest Amplitude
  • Dropbox or Local Saving Options
  • Settings Functions for Axis Scales, Cursor Options, and Spectrum Data On/Off
  • 44,000 Samples Per Sec
  • Frequency Resolution at .33 Hz = 6400 Lines of Resolution
  • AD Conversion 24 Bit, 48 Khz
Technical Specs
  • Accelerometer
  • Sensitivity: 100 mV/g
  • Excitation Voltage: 3 VDC
  • Magnet Pull Force: 85 lb Pull Capacity


Effective predictive management systems have a vibration analyzer at their core. Regular route collection allows trending of vibration data on various assets. This allows a plant to foresee future failures, pinpoint possible causes, see when a machine is misaligned or out of balance and other conditions that reduce bearing life.  Vibration analysis helps drive the long-term success of plants around the world.

The Vibration Analyzer is equipped with either an iPad Air or 2nd generation mini, a custom iPad case for harsh environments, a dual-channel DAQ box for tachometer and accelerometer input, and one accelerometer with a magnetic base and coiled cord. GTI also provides its cutting-edge VibePro 7 vibration analysis software with every analyzer. This software is the key interface for vibration testing on the iPad. It offers a single vibration measurement mode, a route and trending mode and fluid integration with the web application.

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