Schleich Encoder Analyzer

Key Facts
  • Automatic check of all encoder signals
  • Checking all signal pulses per revolution
  • Determining the pulse quantity per revolution
  • Checking all 90° phase shifts between signals per revolution
  • Automatic check of all signal voltages per revolution
  • Angle fault test per revolution
  • Rotation direction and rotation speed of encoder
  • Evaluation of three commutator signals
  • Angle adjustment of rotary encoders
  • Measuring the EMF at all three motor phases to adjust resolvers, encoders or Hall elements
  • Measuring the Back EMF in motor slowing down and calculate ke-value for 1000 RPM
  • Measuring EMF symmetry during slow down
  • Measuring device with 6 or 12 high-speed measuring channels
  • Integrated, adjustable voltage supply for encoders
  • Integrated reference signal source for resolvers
  • Display of all measuring channels (like an oscilloscope)
  • SQL database for difference encoder models, arranged according to manufacturer and type
Technical Specifications
  • Database: SQL
  • Multilingual: Yes
  • Mains Supply: 110V-250V / 47-63Hz
  • Software Evaluating Measuring Signals: Windows©
  • Voltage Measurement Channels: 3 x 700V


The Encoder Analyzer is the tester for checking encoders in electric motors. Modern motors are often equipped with rotary encoders. There is a huge variety of encoders, making checking complicated. This is especially valid for electric motor repair and production. This complex check is very difficult without special measuring technology. The Encoder Analyzer provides valuable services. It facilitates the encoder test by providing voltage to the rotary encoder and measuring and evaluating the signals. At the end the user receives clear GO or NO GO results.


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