Customer Reviews


 Bill Henkle:

“We had 2 DC machines in the shop for repair. After rebuild, we used the “set neutral” feature of the MA2. After going through the procedure, we ran the motor fwd & backward – dead nuts same RPM! We LLLLOOOOVE that procedure, never seen anything so easy!”

“We had a customer complaining about brush arcing in a DC motor we had repaired, so we took the MA2 out to the site. Checked the neutral with same procedure. As you know it has 5 levels of sensitivity. 1st 3 levels, all ok; 4th level, slightly out. On (5th) highest level, we adjusted brush holder < 1/32” to bring it into zero on MA2 monitor. There was absolutely zero evidence of brush arcing on the comm, looked brand new. Turned out the arcing was in a connection at the top of the brush! Customer was impressed with the instrument and procedure and knowledge of RME staff.”

Lindsay McAllan – Key Customer Account Manager:

“Just want to say a huge thank you for your support over the last 2 days! This has been an absolutely fantastic customer experience for us from Jeanette and yourself.”

Mr. Harold Schoock on the Schleich Motor Analyzer XL:

“Over the years I used a variety of different tools to test and evaluate our customers equipment. With direct current motors, they require a large range of different tests, such as testing and setting the neutral zone and bar to bar testing. Long story short having all this testing equipment makes the job cumbersome and slow going. Since I’ve started using the Schleich Motor Analyzer, testing has never been so quick and easy. The Schleich has a wide range of different tests, for example Surge testing, Turn to turn testing, Polarization Index testing among many others. For such a small compact unit, it has made all of our everyday testing quicker to complete and easier to learn. For the larger motors I use the booster unit which is very small in size and sold separately but works fantastic. The Schleich is by far the most productive testing equipment I’ve run into. Between its easy to use functions and user friendly manual I give the Schleich a ten out of ten.”

Jackie Gantt – Motor Repair Shop Supervisor:

“The Motor Analyzer XL from MDS has been a very good addition to our shop. It’s great for testing small motors, especially servo motors. Additional features we like is being able to get very accurate low resistance readings from the bridge and the bar to bar test on DC commutators.”

Bob Allen – Manager, Electronic Repair:

” We have the MTC2 with armature testing capabilities.

  • It far exceeds any of the Bakers we still have as well as any other unit that “auditioned” for the spot.
  • As far as the winders go, the Lead Winder loves it and was able to train the others to use the equipment with relative ease. I will however ask him for specific feedback and if necessary set a conference.
  •  If you purchase the calibration box and pay for online calibrations it is simple and the equipment never leaves your site.  Just get on the phone with George Fry with EDE-MDS, sit on a stool and move the leads as per his instruction. In the past, practically every time I sent one of our unit in to Baker it would come back broke or even have a loose part rattling around inside. What few technical issues we had involved corrupting our own data bases and the few times I call on George he has been readily available and always helpful.
  •  The cal box. When our next Baker goes down we will go with Schleich.
  • When we purchased the MTC2 it was one of three units from three different OEMs demoed. All three were given our criteria in advance and only one was able to hit every mark on the first shot, MTC2 by Schleich. Baker failed as well Electrom.”


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