AEMC Thermal Imaging IR Camera Model 1954

  • Focus free quality. Provides crisp, clear thermal and real images without the need for adjustments.
  • Accurate temperate measurement over the full range. From -4 to 482°F (-20 to 250°C) with a stability of 80mK at 86°F (30°C).
  • Audio narration can be recorded with thermograms. You can describe the circumstances of each image, providing additional text and description to be stored with each image.
  • Automatic non-uniformity temperature correction. Compensates for any internal drift to improve accuracy.
  • Measurement data can also be stored with each thermogram. Both cameras can wirelessly connect via Bluetooth to compatible AEMC® test instruments and loggers, enabling you to combine electrical and physical measurements to the imaging data.
  • Offers broad range of operational capabilities. Locating the cold and hot spots in the image, measuring the temperature of a selected point in the image, displaying the temperature profile of a line in the image, displaying points at the same temperature in the image, and freezing the colors representing the temperatures.
  • CAmReport® software. Included for downloading stored files from the instrument to a computer for further processing, analysis, and report generation.
  • This camera is built to last.Their rugged design survives if accidentally dropped on any of its surfaces from as high as 6′.
  • Exceptionally long battery life up to 13 hours
    (model dependent). Ensures no loss of test time during a typical work day.


The Thermal Imaging IR Camera Model 1954 is equipped with infrared thermography detection technology that has become an indispensable means ensuring safety in industrial production. It is used in sectors of industry as diverse as metallurgy and steel-making, electric power, petroleum, automation, the exploitation of natural gas, and transportation, and in other committed professions such as fire-fighting and border surveillance. Infrared thermal imaging provides a real-time non-contact inspection method. This detection method does not require you to shut off power, shut down the machines or interrupt production. It can diagnose latent malfunctions in advance, and so forestall their occurrence and prevent production incidents. Thermal imaging is an innovative non-contact evaluation technique that is safe, reliable, and rapid.


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