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About Motor Diagnostic Systems

Motor Diagnostic Systems mission is to help you establish the best electric motor testing program for your market or application. MDS will help your company with predictive, preventative or quality control program with the best and most effective solutions available in the market. MDS, Inc. is your technology solution provider for high voltage testing, motor condition monitoring, calibration and electrical tools.

MDS's mission is to help you establish the best electric testing program for your market or application.

In addition to the electrical test equipment and many other tools of the trade, MDS, Inc. provides a high level of customer services such as quality control for manufacturers, motor repair industry, maintenance industry, equipment repair, warrant, training seminars, equipment installation and motor consulting for all of our products. Our staff are highly trained and have years of experience in understanding the electrical testing industry. Our equipment repair and calibration services take the pain of sending your machine in for repair. Our technicians are knowledgeable and highly trained and will offer timely, accurate and cost effective repairs to many makes and models of equipment. Along with repair services, our training courses are highly flexible and will help with motor testing theory, instrument specific instructions and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

MDS, Inc was formed in 2006 by a group of people that wanted to make a difference in the maintenance industry and is controlled by a board of directors. Since June of 2006, Mr. Jack Hamilton, MDS, Inc. president has brought to the North American market several lines of test equipment and other tools to help electrical professionals make the most out of their budgets. Contact us today and see for yourself the different MDS, Inc. can do for you and your company.


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