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GTI Balance Pro – Single or Two Plane Balancing System

Key Facts
  • Vibration Spectrum (600-600,000 RPM)
  • Plot the Amplitude and Phase in a Vector Plot
  • Single or two-Plane Option
  • Perform Tests for Residual Imbalance
  • Set the Imbalance Tolerance Based on ISO-1940 Standard
  • Generate andEmail Final Balancing Report
Technical Spec

These balancing systems operate at a 10 kHz (600,000 RPM) bandwidth spectrum and include an influence coefficient method for dual plane balancing and a vector method for single plane balancing.  Access either of the applications through the main menu. This app also features help and instructions, real time spectrum and waveform vibration signaling, an accelerometer calibration option, angular mass distribution calculator and permissible residual imbalance determination.

Get the most out of these easy to use and highly technical balancing iPad applications. We are here to help you every step of the way.


GTI’s balancing services are offered through a variety of different apps and hardware setups and the basic field balancing system is driven by the iRotorBalancer app. The system utilizes a DAQ box with a tachometer and accelerometer and the application features multiple machine balancing options. The application allows for multiple machine balancing using several different configurations including: a single-plane with 1-channel, 2-channels with two-planes with additional upgradeable dual plane overhung options.
All modes offer reports that include date, time of balancing, machine location, machine ID, staff name, custom notes, vibration spectrum, mapping system, photo identification and a signature. Customize these reports with company logo and use your iPad to AirPrint these reports for easy and quick availability.

The BalancePro is designed to perform measurements on vibration machines and in the field. The app measures the running speed (1X) filtered vibration amplitude and relative phase with a reference mark in the rotor to allow full balancing.

For those that need stanchion-based balancing, the BalancePro system
eliminates the trial weights from the balancing rotors. This application offers single-plane measurements, dual-plane measurements, residual imbalance and imbalance correction. Both measurements present an organized diagram of the optimal balancing setup.

Balance Pro 100 – Machine designed for shafts up to 24 inches long and up to 100 pounds; includes complete setup including iPad.

Balance Pro 600 – Machine designed for shafts up to 70 inches long and up to 660 pounds; includes complete setup including iPad.


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