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Schutzinger Kelvin Adapter Box

Key Facts
  • This kelvin adapter box has been specially developed for four-wire measurement
  • Adaptation of our kelvin threaded socket KBU 7992 L Au/RT and KBU 7992 L Au/SW to each 2 safety sockets
  • Connection of wires via the kelvin quick-release terminals KSDK 7730/RT and KSDK 7730/SW
  • Adaptation to safety BNC connectors
Technical Data
  • Terminal: Plug
  • Rated Voltage: 33 VAC / 70 VDC
  • Rated Current: 1 A
  • Operating Temperature: From -25 °C to +80 °C


Space-saving and simple – this is our Kelvin Programme. Due to the coaxial arrangement of plug contacts our Kelvin Plug System requires less space in the measuring tool housing. This enables a simpler setting up of the measuring leads. Due to the compatibility with standard 4 mm safety plugs also further measuring tasks can be easily handled with only 2 sockets.


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