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TRAINING: 5 Disciplines Motor Technicians & Engineers Should Know

Motor Technician & Engineer Training

March 27th & 28th – Atlanta, Georgia

Class will be limited to 25 people – Cost:$1325.00


1. Offline Motor Insulation Testing

  • Resistance Testing
  • Inductance/impedance testing
  • Megohm/Insulation Resistance Testing
  • Polarization Index
  • DC Hipot
    • Stepped DC Hipot
    • Simple DC Hipot
    • Test Voltages
  • Surge Testing
    • Testing of stators
    • Testing of assembled motors
    • Test Voltages
  • Partial Discharge
    • PD Inception Voltages
    • IEC 60034-18-41 PD and random wound stators
    • PD measurements using AC Hipot
    • PD measurements using Surge
  • References
    • IEEE recommended Practices
    • EASA Technical Manual
    • NEMA MG1
    • Electric Motor Repair by August Hand
    • Literature

2. Online Monitoring – Electrical & Mechanical

  • Purpose of online monitoring
  • Cost of Energy
  • Power System vs Motor Operation
  • Voltage measurements
    • Voltage level
    • Voltage unbalance
    • Voltage Distortion
    • Harmonics
  • Motor Derating
  • Current Signature Analysis
    • Broken Rotor Bar detection
    • Motor Speed Measurements
  • Mechanical – Vibration & Torque
    • Power / energy flow from electrical to magnetic to mechanical
  • Future – combined motor and load monitoring

Personalities for pumps, fans…..

3. Infrared

  • Visible light, infrared light and the optical spectrum
  • Principles of black body radiation
  • What are the color infrared images?
  • Reflection, absorption, transmission
  • Electrical cabinet images
  • Bearing images
  • …………………..

4. Vibration

  • What you need to know about vibration measurements & monitoring to understand and/or approve a Vibration expert’s conclusions
  • 4 vibration measurement scenarios
    • Motor manufacturer validation
    • Repair validation in a motor shop
    • As – installed, commissioning and/or troubleshooting
    • Routine periodic monitoring
  • The 4 main causes of excessive operating vibration
  • How much vibration is “ok”?
  • This is not a vibration analysis course – we will show some results and make some measurements, but the objective is help you understand and appreciate the all-important context of vibration measurements

5. Shaft Alignment

  • Before you begin – the 2 main reasons alignment projects fail
  • Does it even need alignment?
  • The successful alignment procedure
  • When are you done?

Training Location and Accommodations: AC Hotel by Marriott Atlanta Downtown
101 Andrew Young Intl Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30303 Phone number (404) 524-5555.
Participants need to say they are with: MDS. (Accommodations not included in the price of the training.)


Terms & Conditions:
Payment in full is required to hold reservation. Cancellation must be given one week in advance of date for refund, reservation will be confirmed once funds have cleared. Host holds the right to reschedule or cancel seminar and payment will be refunded in full. A 3% charge will be applied to any credit card refund.


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